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Estimate request

Doctor Fix-It is a top rated handyman company serving South Jersey. To best serve our clients, we have a process to efficiently and accurately provide you with an estimate. Please read below before filling out your information.

An estimate is the price we give you verbally or in an email or text forum.  

Once we confirm you will be using Doctor Fix It as your contractor we will provide you with a written estimate. This will include the break down of the work being done. 

[PLEASE READ] Our estimate process

1) To get your quote please send as much information to us as possible by filling out the form below. Please include measurements and any specific details about your project that we should know.

2) After filling out the form, click “Continue” to proceed to our photo upload page. We require photos to quote your job.

We will reach out to you in the event that we need additional information to provide an accurate quote.

3) At this time if we can quote the job by photos, we will do it within 24-48 hours. If we need to see the job, we will contact you to set up a time to see the projects.

4) Once you received the quote and you want to move forward please follow the instructions on the quote.

5) We require a 50% deposit to get on our schedule. Everyday our schedule changes so we can give a rough date but can not give a tentative date without a deposit.

Thank you! We look forward to the opportunity to work on your project!

-Keith Donahue, Owner of Doctor Fix-It

After submitting, click “continue” to upload project photos so we can get you a quick estimate. Or click here to send us photos. Thank you!